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About Us

We are a creative and strategic engineering company that works for the marketing world

Usual will be different
Exclusive will be unique

Companies that make the world go around know that it is essential to connect with their customers through the emotional experiences they make them live through their products and services.
And this evidence is even more important these days because of:

Health social distancing (short-medium term)
– The digital gap (medium-long term), derived from daily operations and the use of dehumanizing artificial intelligence).

In order to face this new situation, companies innovate and incorporate new capacities, both in their internal processes and in their offer. All of them are working on it, but only those which really improve the experiences with their public are going to make the difference. Those companies can count on us to provide them with a totally different approach.
Loopers, moreover, is the specialized division in emotional capacities of a group of leading companies in process digitalization.

Our complementarity is unique.

Our Services

We provide solutions to the differentiation needs of consolidated companies that seek to emotionally impact their customers with their offer and their actions in mature markets, already saturated with stimuli.

380º Projects
Tailor-made, turnkey projects (products, events, activations and spaces)
Fair Equity Projects
Shared risk development and participation in new business in collaboration with SMEs and micro-SMEs under "arbitrary" selection criteria.
Unique proposals

Actions linked with the proyect from unusual perspectives.

Real creative Ideas

Cross-knowledge in various sectors that turn creativity into feasible implementations.

Integrated Technology

Design, imagination and technological knowledge in a single point of contact.

Adaptive Solutions

Scalable solutions, both in time and business development, combining creative proposals with implementation strategy.

Strategic Consultancy

Strategic plans for experiential dynamisation applied to product and space projects.

Co-branding Facilitation

Advice on strategic alliances between partners applied to the project

Loopers AX

How Do We Do It?

We aim to generate solutions which are capable of raising the customer’s emotional perception.
Always from a unique perspective: sound knowledge and multidisciplinary, “unlikely” approach.


Loopers Methodolody

Loopers Methodology

We use our own methodology based on neuromarketing, creativity, technology and real physical multisensoriality.

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

We are owned by successful investors and technology companies sharing the power of their ecosystem.

Singular & Multidisciplinar Team

Singular & Multidisciplinar Team

A specialized team, with more than 30 years of experience in business innovation projects, plus a network of unique specialized collaborators that allow us to tackle projects with unusual approaches (FX effects, electronics, gastronomy, unique atmospheres, …)

Our Methodology

We apply scientific and technological knowledge to link the technical, functional and aesthetic attributes of products/services to the emotions they generate in users. It is a combination of Engineering, Marketing, Design, Sociology and Neuroscience.
Contact us at if you want to know more, or if you want us to share any of our publications with you. We will be happy to talk to you.

Loopers AX

where Technology meets Emotion

Singular Ecosystem

Penetrating mature markets through innovation and differentiated offerings derived from “unlikely” alliances is a powerful tool for success.
Today, we can see that the more digital and rational our society is, the more emotion it needs to feel in order to maintain a sense of control over its own destiny. In order to face this challenge, we have mutually boosted our strategic alliance with Soluciones Cuatroochenta, a leading company in digitalization processes in Spain and Latin America which connects us with clients through technology. This partnership and our methodology will provide projects (even digital ones) with the emotional layer that makes them more human.

Multidisciplinar Team & Passions

A singular project, driven by “singular” people
Being a Looper means having a DNA with the vision, passion and knowledge to provide solutions with an unlikely approach and… It has also allowed us to travel in time and space to unique moments that have made us who we are.
We are looking for adventure partners, are you in?

Our Customers & Portfolio

Loopers was born in 2021, as an evolving company, connected to the most current innovation together with its partners, team and associates.
This Team, and under different business forms, we have, over more than thirty years, directly developed unbelievable projects with leading companies around the world.

Confidentiality commitments with some of our customers do not allow us to showcase them here, but it will be great to find the moment and the opportunity to tell you (as much as we’ve been allowed) what happened and how we did it. You will be surprised!

Loopers AX

We love to move people, that’s why we decided to turn our offices into our own laboratory for experimentation, work, life…
We have created a universe with a life of its own. A territory in constant adaptation, which interacts with people and allows us to learn and evolve.
Looperland… Where things happen… Be bold and come!


Looperlands DOWNLOAD MAP Looperland is a safe, yet surprising place. If you have the courage to come and visit it, you’d better be prepared. Loopers AX

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